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Living Your Best Life - Episode 28 | How to take risk and create new opportunities |

April 6, 2021


We have spoken in previous episodes about how to manage fear when it comes to chasing THAT DREAM… but I guess we wanted to look at this topic from a business perspective. We find the issue of taking risk comes up a lot when we are working one on one with our clients. Sometimes we all just need that reassurance and that push to get us feeling confident enough to start a new project… to change out of job, leave a relationship and/or take that next step in business! 


We understand that some element of risk is necessary in life - so I guess how do we know when to take that leap when there is no guarantee of finding our feet - what do we do once we have taken that leap and are left in the void of the unknown and unfamiliar? We all want something different out of 2021, right? So how do we make that courageous first step away from our fears and towards creating change for ourselves and in business? 



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