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Living Your Best Life - Episode 30 |Self-love, self-worth and manifesting your dreams |

April 21, 2021

Here she is the Grounded Goddess herself, Vanessa Richardson - a psychic, medium and channeller who has gained reputation as a spiritual advisor for many - assisting people with grounding, self-love, manifesting dreams plus a lot more. On this episode we dive head first into what it means to be living our best and most authentic self, and how to align with what it is we truly want!  We can all start to embed important rituals and tools in our lives to assist us further with grounding and loving ourselves just that little bit more, and giving ourselves permission and faith to move towards our dreams… and we cannot wait to hear  from the professional goddess herself. 


So many amazing words of wisdom and easy to implement tips on how to start manifesting your dreams today! This episode is not to be missed. 


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